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Our lives bring transitions every day. As we age a bit, it seems the biggest changes are physical. I just see those changes as “prepping for heaven,” but that phrase is not my own, but an old friend’s comment! It is correct, however, as we age we grow closer to the greatest transition we will ever experience, that of leaving this finite world to an eternity with God.

We must adjust to change physically, but not give in in or give up. You see, our Lord intends His children to live each day fully. If we cannot run, we can walk. If we cannot walk, we can encourage on the sidelines. Our ability to serve may depend on physical limits, but prayer, the first activity of each day, is always the most important.


We can pray for our spouse, our kids, our friends, our pastor, our fellow Christians, our country, and most urgently pray for those who do not know Christ. Before we even start our day, conversation with our Creator is crucial for our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Prayer is first!

If we understand Hebrews 13:8,
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” then we know an unchanging Savior is with us. Though we experience change, our Lord and Savior is never changing and ever with us. When we pray, he hears, and responds to us. When we are in true relationship with God, change in our lives is experienced with knowledge that He knows and cares. If we allow Him, He guides directs, and comforts us.