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I Am My Neighbor's Bible

I Am My Neighbor's Bible

Just so someone may see
And works not prompted by my love
I'll never be set free

I am my neighbor's bible
He reads me when we meet
Today he read me in my home
Tomorrow in the street

He may be a relative or a friend
Or slight acquaintance be
He may not even know my name
Yet, he is reading me

So, I'll watch my steps where ere they go
And my eyes what they may see
And all the words forth from my lips
Because someone is reading me

I'll try my best to do God's will
And be what He wants me to be
An all seeing eye is looking down
And I know He's reading me

And so my God, who reads us all
Knows me from A to Z
And when I meet him on Judgment Day
He'll still be reading me

By: Dorothy Keeling


Tags: bible